Big Data Researcher.

A self-help book with directions to withstand unexpected events such as Covid-19.

To address it we need to start over, to face life head-on. You just have to "reinvent himself".

The book develops themes and guidelines that will give you an incentive to an upset. As did our grandparents fighting and re-inventing itself several times in life.

A book for all ages. Especially for those who seek to awaken your instinct winner, his will to conquer, become better in life. Reinvent yourself.

Read this book that can change your professional life.

The book provides an overview of Big Data, Data Science, Analytics, and Machine Learning.

It also covers the issues about Big Data technologies, applications, case studies, data insights and practical actions for business results.

Designed for professionals who want to learn more about this new area that is revolutionizing companies, their products, and services, changing markets and professional careers.