"Memories of a country confined"

II - Quarantine Poem

Editora Chiado Portugal promoted the development of a book of poems, written by authors in the Covid-19 quarantine called "Quarentena - Memórias de um País Confinado" (Quarantine - Memories of a country confined).

Authors should reflect in their texts what they were feeling in the quarantine.

All kinds of texts were shocking, embarrassing, loving, critical, lonely, simplistic, and complex.

The poems were published on Editora's Facebook, and later in a physical book, with the most significant poems.

My poem

I was invited, and I did something quickly that I called “Where I come from. Where am I from ”.

An analogy about what life was like before, and what life is now in quarantine.

Quarantine Poem: "Where I come from. Where I am from."

Author: José Antonio Ribeiro Neto (Zezinho)


There are the mountains. Breeze.

I see hills. Trees. Flowers. Birds.

Everything is silent. Calm. Distant. Harmonic.

Kids playing. Smiling.

People talking. In affections. Happy.

Kisses. Exchange of glances. Confidence.

Where I come from, I tell you for sure, I am loved.

I get the good day. Waving. Loving looks.

I hear the voices. I talk. I hear. I learn.

I remember for sure. I found the love. I made history.

I educated myself. Goodness. Hoping. In faith.

Where I come from. I only know that it will always be as it was.


I look like that. Through the small window. Binoculars life.

I see the day. Night. Between heaven and earth cement.

I pray. I read. I watch. I get up. I sit down. Walk. I repeat acts.

I got lost in hours. They seem vague. Meaningless.

I did not dare to escape. I lost my strength. My fear consumes me.

From where I am, few know everything.

Many are those who know nothing. They just obey.

I think of everyone. These where I am. Those where I come from.

Everyone has spirit. Soul. Mind. Heart.

We are more than that. More than this infinite dream.

Coming up every day. Endless. No start.

Where I am. I think back to where I come from.

Livro QUARENTENA (créditos Chiado Books)

Book QUARENTENA (credits Chiado Books)