IT Executive Projects


Projects developed as an IT Executive that became a new business for the company.

1- Elearning division for PRONATEC Program

- New online business for selling eLearning content, SaaS products, and services (Servers, LMS, Cloud).

- Clients of the federal government Technical PRONATEC Program (2011 - 2016).

2 - Digitalis PT Partnership

- Mutual agreement with Digitalis PT.

-Sell academic management system in Brazil.

- Sell teaching materials and IT courses in Portugal.

3 - WebCT/Bb Partnership

- International partnership with WebCT/Blackboard to create a new eLearning business for selling SaaS.

- Services: WebCT/Bb LMS servers installation, configuration, support, training.

- Clients - Large Brazilian Universities (99 - 2010).

4 - Microsoft Partnership to sell SaaS

- Microsoft's international partners to implement a Microsoft Certification Center for IT professionals.

- Selling Microsoft products and services SaaS for Campinas city and region.

- Services - Client/server environment with Windows Servers, SQL, Exchange (1998 to 2001).

5 - Education Learning and SaaS services

- SaaS business for education learning content commercialization to Schools and Universities.

- Services: Sales of servers, software, SIS, learning materials, technical support, and teacher training. (96-1998).

6 - Curriculum for IT Franchising

- Computer course curriculum for the Computer School Franchising.

- Marketing, instructor training, and sales (91-1995).

In Lisbon Portugal, having a launch with Paulo Granja from Digitalis PT

WebCT/Bb partnership in Brazil.