Life and Career


My name is José Antonio, and my nickname is Zezinho.

I am a Portuguese-Brazilian Author living in Portugal and Brazil.

My wife is a teacher, my daughter is a journalist, and my son is an economist.

My desire

I love soccer and travel to enjoy countries around the world.

I desire that everyone lives in peace on this planet.

Life and Education

I was born and raised on the farm of my Portuguese grandfather.

I was a soccer player until 20 years old.

I have two high school diplomas.

One daytime course of Physical and Biological Sciences.

Other evening course of Technical Marketing.

After, I graduated and got a BA in Mathematics.

Professional life

I came into the business world in the areas of Education and Technology.

For ten years, I was a USA WebCT/Bb IT Account Executive ** (Brazilian partnership).

For seven years, I was the Director of Education and Technology.

For 4 years I was Microsoft SaaS IT Account Executive ** (Brazilian partnership).

Currently, I devote myself to activities Author and Researcher of Big Data.

Career in Soccer, Education, and Technology:

1 - Soccer career:

- Soccer player infant, youth, amateur, and professional categories.

2 - Educational career:

- Author and Technology Writer.

- Director of Education and Technology.

- Researcher of new educational technologies.

- Coursera Big Data Tutor. E-learning specialist.

- Digitalis Portugal partnership. Portugal IT Education Consultant.

3 - Technology career:

- USA WebCT / Bb IT Account Executive.

- SaaS MS IT Account Executive.

- Technology Consultant. IT Professor.

- MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer).

- Microsoft IT Teacher for Certification.

- Technical Writer. Big Data Researcher.

My Big Data research activities:

- Research on Big Data, Data Science, and Machine Learning.

- Coursera Big Data Mentor. UCAM RJ Big Data Author.

- Author “Big Data for Executives and Market Professionals.”

- Open edX platform eLearning Big Data Author.

- LinkedIn writer and advisor for Big Data career.

In Nice France. WebCT partnership eLearning congress