Author Career

Author Career

I started writing when I was in high school.

Supporting teachers in educational content preparation for remedial classes.

At the University, I prepared mathematics textbooks for students recovery in free classes.

In professional life:

  • I wrote several computer courses, and taught networking and programming classes.

  • I wrote IT courses and educational content used to train IT professionals.

Technology Writer

I went overtime learning to deal with the digital publishing tools, increasing the number of titles published.

Some changes in my career led me to dedicate myself to a particular type of technology called Big Data.

I published a Big Data book for Executives and started to develop other titles to be released.

Technical Publications

Technical Publications that I wrote as a technology writer using my IT teacher experience.

Handouts used in technical schools curriculum preparing students to work in IT.

Non-fiction books

I published a non-fiction book "Como dizia meu Avô Português".

It is about the teachings of my Portuguese grandparents to address black swan events, such as Covid-19.

I'm currently developing additional projects to make public.

Going from Nice to Mónaco with my wife Selma